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The Memoirs of Mqs. Halim Ondore IV

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Name:Marquis Halim Ondore IV
Birthdate:Jun 9

Just like his name suggests, Marquis Halim Ondore IV is a regal ruler with a chivalrous heart who devotes himself loyally to his homeland. Hailing from Old Valendian blood, Ondore is the fourth marquis to rule over the floating city and much like his predecessors, he has his work cut out for him. The Marquis is a shrewd and intelligent individual, a man of great wisdom who is aware of both his duty and his place within the world. He prides Bhujerba's neutrality in this brutal war above all else but he longs to turn his sword against the Empire. Not fond of Archadian rule, Ondore was forced to silently watched as all of Dalmasca was conquered under Vayne's might in hopes of preserving Bhujerba peace. While his heart lies with none other than the Resistance, the Marquis seems ultimately unwilling to assist with the reclaiming of Dalmasca's freedom.
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