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Marquis Halim Ondore IV

License Points: 283

Alliance: The Resistance

Licenses: Time Magick 1

Magicks: Slow and Immobilize

Technicks: Horology

Au History:

Prior to the start of our tale after the fall of Dalmasca, Marquis Ondore continues with his rule over Bhujerba but under the constant watch of the Empire. He acted as the mediator in terms of Dalmasca's surrender and has earned both love and scorn for Bhujerba's neutrality in this conflict. Yet behind the public and political sphere, the Marquis finds himself backed into a deal with Vayne to supply the Empire with the magicite needed to research. Considering that the floating continent of Dorstonis is ripe with such resources, Ondore knew he could not back down from this deal even if he tried. Vayne would sooner find an excuse to rob Bhujerba of its political freedom if the Marquis hadn't complied. Refusing to be nothing more than a muse for the Empire's will, Ondore began to secretly fund the efforts of the Resistance. Not wanting to compromise his position or the safety of Bhujerba, not many know about Ondore's dealings with the freedom fighters but it rumored to be true.